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To My Mother & Father I am sorry! I am sorry for any and everything I have ever put you through.  Any worry, any pain, anything at all.   I now understand that you were doing your best and everything you … Continued


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OK, my handwriting leaves a bit to be desired.  Its a work in progress.  Lined paper will help. What’s your bias?  Are you sharing or compelling?


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The Journey Has Continued (albeit silently) It has been over 5 months since I posted on JTC.  The Journey as of late has been hectic, amazing, frustrating, wonderful, challenging, educational, and as always divine.  Every journey, every person is divine … Continued


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Thank you for the EXPERIENCES! Both Blissful and Sorrowful. Both Joyful and Depressed. Both Genuine and Uncertain. Past Experiences No regret nor remorse, only valuable lessons learned! Present Experiences Gifts of life and living! Future Experiences The possibilities are limitless! … Continued

What if IT…

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What if IT ended? Would you dwell on the loss …or revel in the joy you experienced from IT? Do you waste precious moments worrying about the what if …or focus on enjoying IT? Would you take the loss personal … Continued

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