The second ring of the Health point of focus on my 2011 Convergence target was to have an average blood sugar of 140mg/DL with medication.  I am both proud and pleased to share that I not only achieved that goal – I BEAT IT!  My average reading for the last four months is down to 100mg/DL and it is completely med free.  I am extremely grateful to have this in check without having to worry about the possible long-term side effects of the medicines previously needed to keep it in healthy range.  There was a a lot that went into accomplishing this goal but the most important step was setting the goal!

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.”

The Secret

I whole heartedly believe in the power and magic of manifestation.  But it is only one piece of the puzzle.  It is a very powerful piece that can accelerate the achievement of your goals and dreams by both telling the universe of your desires and then surrendering to the flow of the energy to manifest those desires.  I do, however, worry that too many proponents of manifestation are selling it as the only step necessary as if you can focus and visualize your dream and then just sit on the couch with a bowl of chips and wait for it to be delivered like a book ordered online.  Not quite that simple.  Definitely tell the universe of your desires, surrender to the flow of the energy, but then listen to the universe on what your next actions need to be and DO IT!

My Journey

I tell the universe of my desires and visualize them through the convergence target.  The target covers many areas and lots of ground but the universe clearly directed my energy towards the highest priority.  I didn’t consciously prioritize where to focus, it just flowed.  In hindsight it makes complete logical sense that my first order of business needed to be fixing my body and subsequently my mind as a predecessor to achieving the desires in the other points of focus.  I could research and even execute some actions in the other areas but body and mind had to be top priority.  They all flow together and are interconnected, complimenting and supporting one another as my good friend Lou highlighted in his guest post.

So I went with the flow and it continues to pay dividends.  Through my actions and focus to beat this malady I actually brought the entire “Health” point of focus into convergence through diet and exercise.  This was my “Health” point of focus as proclaimed on January 17, 2011.


It is now not only fully complete but actually exceeded.  I am probably in the best shape of my life.  Even better shape than my Army days since my weekends no longer consist of consuming mass quantities of dark German beer like they did back then.  Now its time to regroup and proclaim my 2012 desires in the form of a convergence target and see where the universe takes me.

What are your desires for 2012?  How will you manifest them into reality?




  1. Now that is not just an outstanding example, but it is outstanding news.

    I recently started using the Spark People website and app for diet and exercise tracking – like writing down what you spend, the site is awesome for personal diet and exercise accountability.


    1. Thanks Beth. I will checkout that site. I have been creating my own tracking of exercise and plan on adding diet in Excel (of course). I like the thought of something out on the cloud. Good luck in your health and fitness endeavors.

  2. Congratulations!!! That’s an awesome goal to achieve and I’m very proud of you. This post was a good kick in the butt for I’m preparing for the next adventure. There’s a list of action steps sitting before me and I can very easily become overwhelmed by them. That, of course, means I don’t do any of them due to the fear of making a mistake or letting myself feel overwhelmed. This coming from a guy whose life is all about taking risks. Even as the box gets bigger, it still exists which is why I believe we never really get there (i.e. floating down the street). My box definitely looks bigger than it was a couple years ago. However as long as we want to grow, there will always be obstacles (namely the dreaded “hows” for me). Thanks for the post, Mike. It truly hit home today. Once again, congratulations. I’m grateful for your inspiration!!!

    1. Thanks Paul. I completely understand how those actions steps can become overwhelming. The first step is to get them out of your head and down on paper or some other form of documentation then you can start checking them off one by one rather than letting them whirl around in your head overwhelming you. Good Luck!

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