So here is the concept as illustrated by the image to the left.  Each arrow represents a “bucket” or area of life that needs developed.  There could easily be more than the eight represented, but most others can most likely be subgrouped into one of the high level eight. 

The target represents the different levels of achievement or goals converging from the outside – in.  If you could determine the finite point in the center that could not get any smaller that would represent perfection.  It doesnt exist and we dont look to get there but that would be the final point of convergence for each of the arrows.


January 1, 2011


The problem is we tend to focus too much energy on one or a couple areas leaving the others lagging way behind.  At least I have.  This brings life a bit out of balance and I believe impacts our ability to continue improving even in those areas we have placed all our focus.  The illustration – January 1, 2011  is what my current “status” looks like at the start 2011.


The plan is to identify short to mid-term goals for each of the eight buckets that will bring them all to convergence at the third ring of the target.  We will focus our energies on those areas furthest out in order to get them back in line.  Thats not to say we can just ignore the others.  They need to be maintained but they dont need additional energies or focus until we balance out the others.  Once all eight areas are balanced at that third ring….you guessed it…we start over with a new target with short to mid-term goals for the next level of improvement.  We are ALWAYS Under Construction!


An important element of the journey is to keep everything in perspective.  We are measuring the aspects of OUR lives against the other aspects of OUR lives.  We are NOT measuring against anyone else.  All too often we get caught up in measuring against someone elses successes, possessions, accomplishments, etc.  This breeds jealousy and contempt for others because of their success, when we should instead be cheering them on, learning what we can from them and focusing on our own goals.  We all have our own wants, needs, talents and desires.  Compete with your current self to be your future self.

For example, you will notice in my illustration for the start of 2011 that the “Family” arrow isnt even touching the first ring.  That is based purely on my feeling that there is more room for improvement in that area in comparison to say “Career” where I have notoriously spent most of my time and focus.  In general, my family is great.  I have four healthy, brilliant, talented children that never fail to impress me with their successes while also never failing to frustrate me with their attitudes.  🙂   I have focused on providing them with every opportunity to learn and grow.  I am very grateful for my family but I do believe we have lots of room for improvement.  Better communication, more nurturing relationships, teamwork vs. “Why cant she/he do it?”, and most importantly more quality time.  Four very active children consume allot of time but it is rarely good quality time.  That is why the “family” arrow is so far way from the center and needs more focus and energy, not because someone elses family is better.

I’ll say it again.  Compete with your current self to become your future self!


So thats the concept and the plan.  I hope nothing I have written so far, or ever, sounds like a claim to be some sort of “self help guru” or having it all figured out.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I am looking to learn far more than I could ever teach.  I am hoping we can share and learn together.  I certainly have some strengths in leadership, organization, time management and business management (at least thats what I have been told) that I will share.  I hope you find them helpful.  In all the other areas I look to share as I learn and compete with myself and hope you will do the same.