My second son graduated High School last night.  What a great moment it is for a parent to watch their child officially complete the first step in their journey of life.  Its no where near the end of the journey.  Its no where near the end of time and energy a parent will need to put in to facilitate their success.  It is a huge milestone that brings many emotions.  Emotions of relief but also concern, excitement but also fear, and of course PRIDE.


As one of the speakers addressed the class he told them they should know that everyone in the audience is in some way envious of the opportunities and adventures the new graduates had in front of them.  At first this statement had me nodding my head in agreement.  With my two oldest children graduating over the past two years it did bring about emotions that could be considered envious.  As we toured college campuses I would day dream of how exciting it must be to start a journey of learning without the stress of a job, a mortgage, bills, yard work, home repair and children.  The opportunities that lie ahead are infinite and they have the freedom to do and be what ever they want.  They dont realize how fortunate they are.  If only I could have those same opportunities and freedom.  WAIT A MINUTE!


Then it hit me.  I DO HAVE those same opportunities and freedom.  We all do!  Sure, its not exactly the same but in general everyone has the freedom and opportunities to dream, create, succeed and build their journey.   Every day is a graduation from some lesson or experience.  The path before you every morning has infinite possibilities and opportunities.  You have to choose to pursue them.  Choose to pursue a passion.  Choose to create something great.  And when things don’t go as planned you have to choose to learn from your mistakes and move on down the next path.  Each evening you are a graduating Senior facing a world of opportunities.  Each morning you are Freshman in a new day of learning and experience.


I remember a conversation with a colleague and friend of mine a month or so ago where we were complaining about certain challenges and frustrations at work.  I stated that “in the end I just have to remind myself that the grass isn’t any greener somewhere else” to which she replied with a statement I immediately posted on my wall:

I like my grass, there are just a few weeds that need pulled to make it better!

Love it!  Time to pull the weeds and capture the opportunities that lie ahead.  I graduated yesterday and I am a freshman in the course of today.  Hope I can improve my GPA!

Are you seizing the opportunities that lie ahead?  What “life classes” are you currently taking?


  1. First off, congratulations Dad for having another one graduate. I know how proud you must be. I don’t have children of my own but I do have nieces and nephews and I’m just as proud of them as if they were my own.

    I love how you phrased this post. I know that as we have gone through things in our own lives and at times didn’t see the grass as being any greener. But as I went through life my father constantly reminded me that although I may complain about things, it could always be worse. You see, he fought cancer for 42 years of his life and there were many times we thought we had lost him. So when you start complaining about the small stuff, remember that life is a precious gift and it’s up to us on how we will receive it. That has stuck with me every single day.

    Today we are all graduates. It’s what we chose to do with our lives that really matter. We are never too old to begin.

    Thanks Mike!!! Loved this one..


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