I struggled a bit with using this quote knowing there are many individuals out there battling diseases and health issues that are in no way of their own doing but it is absolutely applicable in my own case and I am guessing in many of yours as well.  To those that are fighting the good fight against what ever may be ailing you – you are an inspiration.  Your strength and perseverance is something I can only hope to emulate.   Everything I need to do to bring the “Health” point of focus into balance is completely in my power to either succeed or fail.  I will succeed!


Here is my plan to bring the “Health” focus point into convergence.  The image shows the requirements to move the “Health” arrow inward towards the convergence point with green designated as complete.


  • Quit Smoking:  “I don’t understand what’s so hard, just don’t light it up” – that has been my wife’s favorite line as far back as I can remember.  Easy for a non-smoker to say, but in the end she’s right.  I am actually embarrassed that, knowing everything there is to know about the health effects of smoking, I have been so unsuccessful in kicking the habit for good.  It really is a testament to the inability of “Compulsion” to create a lasting effect.  Add all the warnings and pictures you want – at the end of the day the individual has to want and commit to quitting.  My latest trip onto the “wagon” was triggered by two things.  Waking up in the morning hacking as if I had just walked out of a burning building and a trip to the doctor by my wife.  During an appointment with our family doctor he asked her how I was doing and if I was still smoking.  When she told him I was it was one simple candid reply that stopped me in my tracks………..”Well, tell him to make sure all his affairs of state are in order”.  Wow, no lecture, no pictures, no pamphlets, no taxes – one sobering comment is all it took.  That was October 11, 2010 and I had my last cigarette at 6:38 p.m.  I haven’t quit nicotine all together yet as I still use the lozenges and an e-cigarette to curb the cravings.  I dont even intend on trying to completely kick the nicotine in this first convergence target as there are other more pressing issues that need my focus.  It can wait until the next set of goals.  I am no longer inhaling carbon monoxide, arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, tar or any of the other roughly 4000 damaging chemicals into my lungs and that is HUGE!  It is the only reason I consider the “Health” point of focus to be at the first ring of this convergence target.
  • Blood Sugar in control:  Yes, I was doubly stupid!  Not only was I a smoker but a diabetic smoker.  Everything I have read says there are very few more deadly combinations.  I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 5 years ago and my commitment to managing it has covered the entire spectrum.  When first diagnosed I immediately began researching all the variables that impact blood sugar levels and how I could impact them.  I focused on doing everything right.  Since then its been a roller coaster both in my commitment as well as results.  I will get this under control first with the meds my doctor has me on and eventually in a future convergence target – without any meds!
  • Excercise routine / 20lb recomposition:  Steeeeerrrrike THREE!  YOU’RE OUT! – Add overweight with a sedentary lifestyle to the mix – aren’t I just the picture of good health? 🙂  Its going to be a little difficult to keep progressing in that great career from the inside of a BOX!  In total I need to recompose ~40lbs but for this first convergence target I am looking at 20lbs and a solid excercise routine that I stick with.  I actually love working out.  There is no better high than immediately following a great workout.  The hard part is MAKING (not finding) the time and getting through that first dip.

That is a high level look at my plan to bring the “Health” point of focus into convergence.  As is the case with many data sets with multiple variables – correlation vs. causality can be difficult to identify.  The three variables in my “Health” focus are no different but being a statistics junkie I plan on measuring the goals of this focus point very closely.  The opportunity for improvement is limitless.  I will keep my progress updated here.  Next up is “Career” which is an easy one for this first target with so much else so far out of convergence.

What are your plans to improve your health and fitness this year?

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss and commitment to a healthier you! I have begun a journey in that direction as well…eating more plant based foods, no red meat, and learning new options with veggies. I guess b/c I am approaching it as a challenge, its fun right now. Am eating a vegetarian chili I made over the weekend right now as I catch up on blogs during a quick lunch 🙂

    1. Thanks Carol. Wow, I was impressed with the multiple marathons you have been running. You are going to be the poster gal for good health. You will have to send me the recipe for the meatless chili.

  2. I feel ya, brother! I’m also getting back into alignment with my natural state; actually, our natural state – Well Being. As far as weight loss goes, I lost over 35 lbs over the past year. It had nothing to do with working out. It had to do with letting go. In my case, I’ve always used fat as a wall of protection. The more I began letting go and trusting that I am okay, the weight began to disappear. I’ve now added 8 lbs of muscle and am wearing a pant size I haven’t seen in over a decade.

    I also have diabetes. As my weight has dropped, my blood sugar levels have gotten much better. I’m choosing to be off medication by my birthday in June.

    Your convergence charts crack me up! You are such an analyst;) If it works, it works. I don’t ask why anymore 😉

    Smoking – F#ck me! Another goal that has come and gone due to my lack of commitment. I quit a few years ago with relative ease (read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr), yet, I gave the little nicotine monster back the power. I’m ready to quit for good.

    1. Hey Paul-E
      Have you tried the e-cigarette yet? I am telling you – give it a shot. Eventually I want to kick the nicotine habit but for now just cutting out the smoke and everything in it has made me feel 1000 times better. I dont want to sound like the preaching ex-smoker but come on brother we want you to be around for a long time to come.

  3. My advice would be to forget body fat for now…

    #1 you know it isn’t where you want it…
    #2 if you take measurements all over your body, you will be able to track the changes without having to go anywhere
    #3 if you really want to drop weight, you are going to lose muscle along with fat

    So really, while body fat percentage is something you can strive for, it really isn’t all that important until you’ve already gotten yourself to the point where you are happy with your weight. At that point, you use body fat to refine your composition.

  4. Glad to hear you are on the path Mike. The last ten years of my life have been devoted to work, learning, and shoveling in sustenance based more on taste than nutrients. This past fall I started riding the stationary bike 10-12 miles per day for 5 days each week. Lost 15 pounds, feel great at 52, and ready to take on the world again!  We have been eating salad with all kinds of green veggies mixed in and plating it with chicken, salmon, or tilapia.

    This past week I had the opportunity to take a trek along the Great Wall near Beijing, China. I was there with my classmates from our EMBA class. Being one of many in the group that loves a great challenge, we went left along the section that went up the mountain. One of our classmates that must be a “C” from his DISC profile counted all the stairs we climbed. Unfortunately, I was in some kind of oxygen induced euphoria from breathing so hard and forgot the number. The last stairway had to be at an eighty degree pitch from the horizontal plane. Legs burning, one bottle of water, and one Power bar later, I all made it to the top with my friends. Walking up or down stairs for the next three days was excruciatingly painful.

    Hoping my next doctor visit will show improvement. My goal is to get off cholesterol and blood pressure pills or greatly reduce the dosage.

    1. Thanks for joining the conversation, Jim. I hope you join us for many more.
      Congratulations on the weight loss. Your China experience sounds awesome. China and the Great Wall are on my list of places to visit that I haven’t checked off yet. I am jealous.

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