(Continuing from the initial letter in the No Excuses post this is the second in a series of correspondence to that part of your brain that is the resistance – wants to hold you back – and looks to keep you average) (You can find Issue 1 here)


Dear Lizard Brain,

You are strong opponent.  I must concede the battle of the last 3 weeks as your victory in my war on your resistance.  However, I know you are becoming frustrated with the strength of my counter resistance and must foresee some big defeats coming your way.

  • First a week of illness:  All productivity and discipline to the diet plan went out the window.  With my defenses down you launched a major offensive strike and gained significant ground.  However I came to a great realization from that battle which will prevent you from ever having that advantage again.
  • Next a week of heavy travel & meetings:  I would call this week another stalemate in the war.  The front lines did not move either direction.  For every poor meal choice I countered with 30 minutes in the fitness room (regardless of how poor the quality of the equipment may have been).  You thought you had another opportunity to question why I started the JTC project given the already high demands on my time but I was able to post by having drafts in progress ahead of time.  I am getting smarter at how to battle you on the road.
  • This past week at home:  It would actually be your largest victory in a long time.  With 8-9 hours of meetings a day causing my workload to pile up and the weather causing the snow to pile up I ended up in some serious winter blues.  You were in total control this past week:
    • “Go ahead and eat those comfort foods!”
    • “You don’t have time to workout nor the right equipment!”
    • “You are mentally exhausted, just veg out in front of the T.V.”
    • “Just relax – aren’t you grateful for what you already have and have accomplished?”

These are some of your favorite weapons in your efforts to hold me back.  They are powerful and you have become very adept at just the right times to use them.  But in the end – they are just excuses to overcome and the key to this battle is that I KNOW IT!  My intelligence team is on to you and your strategy, Lizard Brain.   We will use that intel to fight your resistance.  Victory will be ours.

Yes, Lizard Brain, you have won the battle of the last three weeks but it was a very minor win.  Even after all the poor eating, lack of exercise, and just all around poor mind set – you only managed to plateau me!  No ground was won!  No pounds were gained!  And most importantly my resolve to continue the Journey to Convergence and its planned benefits is even stronger.

Next week brings more travel but beware Lizard Brain.  I am headed to sunshine and warm temperatures.  This is exactly what I need right now to get the momentum going again.  I will crush your excuses and gain ground.

Like a dear friend and colleague once said: “You can start over immediately!”

As always,

Firmly committed,



Has your Lizard Brain been holding you back?  The key is to realize it and talk back!  Tell that part of your brain that you are on to them.  Tell it how you plan to defeat it, how you plan to pursue your dreams and goals!  The Lizard Brain really, really hates it when you do that!  Remember, the Lizard Brain is you – you are the only one holding yourself back!

Talk Back now in comments.  Don’t comment to me or the post – talk back to your Lizard Brain.

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