Loose Ends

Just like the barbs on rose bushes growing along our path of life.

Loose Ends nick and nip us attempting to break our resolve and purpose.

We can see the artistry of the blooms just past the bramble if only we could seize them.

Loose Ends pierce and slash us attempting to convince us that the path is impassable.

We afflict ourselves with wounds and malady from the mere stings and twinges caused by the thistle.

We need only prune back the nettle through steadfast action and clear perspective to open the path of our journey siezing the fragrant blossoms that are ours for the taking. 


What loose ends do you need to prune back today?  They need not be cleared but do need controlled to open your path.


One thought on “LOOSE ENDS

  1. I’m pruning back the dreaded “how’s.” When I put all my energy into “how am I gonna get this done?” it prohibits me from moving. The “hows” become like tentacles on an Octopus or uncontrollable weeds that bind me so tight, I’m can’t move or breathe. It always seems a wonderful reminder pops up right when I need it. Like your post today. Nothing I’ve accomplished has ever looked exactly like I thought it would. Yet it happens, nonetheless. Mahalo!

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