My Three Words

I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s free newsletter.  This past Tuesday he talked about NOT doing New Years Resolutions but instead choosing three words as guideposts for the upcoming year.  It truly resonated with me and works well with the flexibility I look to utilize and instill with the JTC project.

I spent a good hour reflecting on what my three words should be for 2011 and in the end found myself needing to reply back to  Chris asking him if I could “borrow” his three words from the first time he did this in 2006 which were “Ask, Do, Share.”  I really wanted to identify “new” or unique words for myself but these three truly summed up my focus for 2011 and the JTC project.  Chris, of course, replied back with a gracious “Take anything of mine that you like, Mike.  Thats why I put it out there.”

So I hereby declare my three words for 2011 to be:

  • Ask
    • I will ask you to join me on my journey.
    • I will ask to join your journey.
    • I will ask you to share our journey.
  • Do
    • I will do more to find the balance in my journey.
    • I will do more to help you find the balance in your journey.
    • I will just simply do more!
  • Share
    • I will share my journey with anyone that cares to join.
    • I hope to share in your journey and learn from your experiences and knowledge.
    • I will share my gratitude by sharing more of my good fortune with those in need.

 Thanks for the three words, Chris.

I will “Ask, Do, Share” in each of the eight focus points in my Journey to Convergence.

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