No Excuses


JTC is my third attempt at starting a blog.  Once via Blogger and once via Typepad.  The overall project in itself is fairly new but for blogging in general this is attempt #3.  The other two attempts lasted about a month and probably topped out at 4 or so posts.  This will be post #7 – A NEW RECORD!

Have you ever hit that wall of doubt where your mind starts playing tricks on you.  Seth Godin calls it “The Lizard Brain”  in his book LINCHPIN.  Here is a quick excerpt:

Everyone has a little voice inside of their head that’s angry and afraid.  That voice is the resistance – your lizard brain – and it wants you to be average (and safe).

Leo Babauta called excuses “maggots” here, (make sure you watch the video he links to at the end of his post, you’ll rethink all your excuses)


My lizard brain was working hard this past week.  It was an incredibly hectic week and I was not finding the time to finalize the goals for my “Health” point of focus.  I had made a commitment to post a minimum of one point of focus per week and it didn’t appear that I was going to keep that commitment.  The lizard brain was saying things like:

“Why would you do this, there wasn’t enough time in the day as it was!”

“Now you did it, your friends and colleagues know you launched this and you are never going to keep up with it!”

“You should have started smaller and more discrete before telling anyone – just in case!”

Time and priorities did result in my being a day late to posting my Health goals.  However, it wasn’t the lizard brain that caused the delay – it was just feeding off of the delay.  I could have posted the night before but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the content.  I made a conscious decision to wait until the next morning.


Dear Lizard Brain,

Not only will I not allow you to hold me back.  I will battle your resistance by doubling down.  My new commitment is to not only post a minimum of one point of focus a week but to post at least one additional item each week at a minimum!  The additional post will be on a topic of my choosing.  It can be additional info on the weeks point of focus or simple rambling about a lizard brain and how to stop it.

Give me any lip and I will double down again.

Firmly Committed,


 What has your lizard brain been telling you lately?  How have (or will) you stop its resistance?