…certainty reached its pinnacle point.  Unless and until time travel is possible it cannot be changed.  The event is absolute in certainty. However, the impact it has on your NOW and future is still open to change.  Even if time travel was possible most would agree that the uncertainty of what changing the smallest aspect of your past could potentially do to the future of not only yourself but also to the future of those you have loved and cared for is far too high of a risk to take.  The possibility of  The Butterfly Effect is certain.  Note:  I did not say the effect is certain – the existence of possibilities (infinite possibilities) is certain.  And that is the point of this post.  Rather than dwelling on what we cannot change, why not instead take the opportunity to change your perspective on the events and the impact they have on your NOW and future while embracing all the possibilities the uncertainty of tomorrow brings?


Much like Yin Yang, Certainty and Possibilities are complimentary opposites.  Life – just like the weather is full of uncertainty.  It is this uncertainty that most fear causing them to spend enormous amounts of energy worrying.  The farther out you look the less certain things become but along with that uncertainty comes endless possibilities.  As certainty descends – possibilities ascends.  It is my hypothesis that the same holds true for the past in reverse.  As you look farther and farther back the certainty descends and possibilities ascend in the vein of perspective.



How can certainty of the past descend?  That depends on your perspective.  The event itself is certainly unchangeable but how you view it, how you allow it to impact your NOW and future is far less certain.  It seems to reason that the older the event the less certain its impact on your future becomes along with the greater possibilities of changing your perspective.  Wounds can heal and become scars of wisdom – if you let them.

Are you allowing past events ruin your present gifts?  Have you left what should be “scars of wisdom” to fester as open wounds?

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