Thank you for the EXPERIENCES!

Both Blissful and Sorrowful.

Both Joyful and Depressed.

Both Genuine and Uncertain.

Past Experiences

No regret nor remorse, only valuable lessons learned!

Present Experiences

Gifts of life and living!

Future Experiences

The possibilities are limitless!

Thank you for the PEOPLE!

Both Benevolent and Antagonistic.

Both Supportive and Harmful.

Both Trustworthy and Corrupt.

Past People

Critical characters in your story and growth!

Present People

Shoulders to lean on or challenges to overcome!

Future People

The possibilities are limitless!

Thank You for ABUNDANCE!

Both Discernible and Indistinct.

Both Realized and Unrecognizable.

Both Experienced and Witnessed.

Past Abundance

It was there to nourish you!

Present Abundance

Open your eyes to see it!

Future Abundance

The possibilities are limitless!


What are you grateful for today?

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