The Journey Ahead: 2017 – Predict Your Future

The best way to predict your future is TO CREATE it.

The Journey Ahead: 2017

Predict Your Future

Similar to the “Mind Dump” of 2016 we are going to just write today but we are going to time travel to December 2017 and write as if the year is over. It’s a blank page, what will it say about your 2017? Think of all the possibilities in the journey ahead. What will your ideal year look like? What will you focus on? What will you accomplish in the coming year? What may challenge you? How might you overcome those challenges.  Now write it down as if it has already happened and PREDICT YOUR FUTURE! It should go without saying but I will say it just in case – predict the future you want not the one your lizard brain keeps telling you that you deserve. The lizard brain is wrong!

STEP 4 DONE! Tomorrow we set the goals that will make this prediction a reality.


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