One of my first posts as I launched JTC roughly a year ago was about Chris Brogan’s recommendation to choose three words as guideposts for the upcoming year instead of the standard New Years resolutions.  The idea of guideposts instead of hardfast resolutions resonated well with me and how I looked to structure my journey.  Three words to guide my focus while utilizing the convergence targets to set goals beneath the umbrella of those three words.

Last year my three words were “borrowed” and thrown together fairly quickly but they still served me well as I considered where I wanted to go on this journey and the paths I wanted to explore.  For 2012, I have been thinking long and hard about what my three words should be for nearly a month now and still go back and forth on them each morning as I consider what I want the guideposts for 2012 to be but its already January 2, 2012 so its time to ink them and get started.  Here are my three words for 2012 and what they mean to me.


I believe this one needs a permanent spot in every year, every day, every second.  I can see the future of this exercise becoming “Three Words + Gratitude”.  Keeping and expressing gratitude for all the resources, people, and experiences I have, am, and will be blessed with is simply the cornerstone of maintaining balance and happiness.  It is ironically overlooked when it is needed most – when challenges arise.  I look to meditate on all I have to be grateful for, every time life’s challenges try to bring me down.

I do, however, personally believe that some can mistake a lack of complacence for a lack of gratitude.

  • I can be grateful for my health and still strive to improve my body and strength.
  • I can be grateful for my career and the means it provides while still working to build additional and new resources to allow me to better serve, provide and support as many as possible.
  • I am forever grateful but never complacent.

GRATITUDE is my first word for 2012 and every year hereafter.


I find it interesting that I basically “flowed” into this word as a focus for 2012 over the course of 2011 and my work on JTC.  It is not in my nature to  just flow very well.  I tend to heavily plan, heavily analyze and look to control every next step of life just as I manage projects and business in my career.  The original plan for the use of convergence targets was very rigid with heavy expectations, strict milestones, and very discreet deliverable’s.  Once I surrendered to the natural flow of things and let go of the rigid expectations my traction and progress increased exponentially.

Life is far more complex than a series of tasks and goals.  It is magically filled with energies flowing through all of humanity and nature.  Although I will continue to set goals and focus my energy towards the areas I see in the most need through the convergence target I will also surrender to the natural flow to guide me down the right paths toward achieving those goals.


This was one of my 2011 words and it has many elements to me that need a bit of my energy.  Its not just the standard sharing of thoughts, knowledge and resources but also an overall sharing of self.

  • Reaching out to others to share in my goals and projects vs. always trying to do it on my own.
  • Sharing my fears and dreams in a more open way with those I love and trust.
  • Speak more both to those already in my life as well as to complete strangers.
  • Strengthen my personal and professional network by reaching out for advice and providing the same when asked.
  • Sharing my journey by asking more to join me.

SHARE is one of my three words again this year.

GRATITUDE – FLOW – SHARE are my words for 2012.  What are yours?

Health, Happiness, and Prosperity to you and yours in 2012!

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