Dream or Nightmare?

What are your wishes when you go to bed each evening?  Do you hope to wake from the nightmare you know as reality or do you pray that your current reality is not just a wonderful dream coming to end?  Is it possible that you have complete control to manifest either scenerio?

You Are the Master of Your Dreams!

It is all just a dream (or nightmare) manifested by our own actions, thoughts and perspective.  The key is to either make the changes in our actions, thoughts and perspective needed to end the nightmare or be happy, grateful, and resolved to maintain the wonderful dream we have manifested.  More than likely there is a little bit of both going on in your reality.  Some seemingly nightmarish while other aspects of your reality are wonderfully dream like.  Regardless of which side of the sprectrum your current reality seems to be weighted give this a try in order to identify both what needs your change energy and what needs your gratitude.

  • Lets start with gratitude:  Make a list of all those wonderful dream aspects of your reality.
    • Soak in the way each one makes you feel as you write it down. 
    • Savor the emotions each one invokes in you.
    • Consider what actions and thoughts you may be using to manifest and maintain these wonderful aspects of your reality.
  • Now consider what needs changed:  Make a list of all those nightmare aspects of your reality.
    • Consider what actions and thoughts you may be using to manifest and perpetuate these nightmarish aspects of your reality.
    • What can you change either physically or mentally to eliminate or change these aspects?  Write that down as well.
    • Do any of them possibly just need an adjustment to your perspective?
  • Now Weave the Dream!: Time to use these lists to build the reality you desire.  Get a fresh sheet of paper or a crisp new page in your journal.
    • Start the page by writing: “I am so happy and grateful now that…”
    • Next you are going to start rewriting every item from both lists but writing them in the context of how you desire them to be in your reality.
      • You may write the items from your wonderful dream list exactly as you had initially wrote them or possibly, even though you are grateful for that current aspect you would also like to grow and improve it.  Maybe you are fortunate enough in this tough economy to have a good paying job but you don’t actually enjoy what you do. 
        • Your initial “gratitude” list may have said “I have a good paying job with good benefits.”
        • Your new “Dream Weaving” list may say “I can financially support myself and my family doing what I love.”
      • Steer clear of too much detail such as amounts or specific individuals.  The amounts you define for financial support may very well be inflated based on a perspective that may need changed.  Focus on the desired results and feelings you are looking for and surrender to the universe (or God of your understanding) and your own creative force to fill in the details as the desired result is manifested.
      • You are going to write the items from your “nightmare” list as if you have completely changed them into the positive aspects you want in your life.  What would that nightmare aspect look like if it were a wonderful dream?  Using the same example of financial stability maybe you are unemployed and struggling financially.
          • Your initial “nightmare” list may have said:  “I can’t find a job or pay the bills”
          • Your new “Dream Weaving” list may say: “I can financially support myself and my family doing what I love”
    • Make sure every item from both lists are added to your “Dream Weaving” list.  This new list depicts the reality you want to manifest. 

Read your list everyday ensuring you start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…”  Visualize the mirth each aspect brings you.  Laugh out loud or sigh in content as you revel in the joy each of these aspects invoke in you.  Don’t doubt any of the aspects that have not YET been manifested into your reality.  Focus your change energy on those aspects in need and your gratitude on those aspects that have materialized.  

You have to Weave The Dream before you can wear it!  Before you can live it!

What are your dreams and nightmares?  What are you doing to manifest the reality you desire?


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