(Continuing from the initial letter in the No Excuses post this will be the first in a series of correspondence to that part of your brain that is the resistance – wants to hold you back – and looks to keep you average)




Dear Lizard Brain,

At first  I was ready to concede this weeks battle to your resistance.  The agenda and time demands provided numerous excuses to not stick to my diet plan, Blood sugar testing, or even medication plan.  You won a few battles this week in your quest to stay average but the war is far from over.

I too won a couple battles this week; the largest of which is an increased resolve to defeat you and your quest.  Even though I slowly caved into a few of your excuses to break my diet plan…

  • “The meals are arranged, it outs of your control.”
  • “A few pieces of that candy sitting in front of you won’t hurt, you need a pick-me-up”
  • “You better eat what is available – you dont have a choice”

… I still made far better food choices than I would have in the past and I will learn from this battle and plan a counter offense for the next battle!

Despite your resistance I made the first steps towards getting back into an excercise routine this week.  Your “Ohio excuses” crumbled and I capitalized on your weakening defense to fit in some small steps.  Push-ups, sit-ups, and 30 minutes on the elyptical may not sound like much but its a start with much more to come.

Although I would call the tactical results of this week a stalemate – the strategic results and increased resolve are your loss.

Be afraid, Lizard Brain, be very afraid.


I hope you are having victories against your own lizard brain.  Remember that a couple set backs do not equate to defeat.  How have you combated the resistance lately?

3 thoughts on “LETTERS TO THE LIZARD BRAIN (issue 1)

  1. Unfortunately I was right there with you dipping onto the candy bowl on Wednesday. I reminded myself (after the third Hershey kiss) that I could “start” over immediately! I didn’t have to wait until the next day, which would have resulted in about 3 more kisses leaving their shiny silver wrappings on the table!

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