The Journey Has Continued (albeit silently)

It has been over 5 months since I posted on JTC.  The Journey as of late has been hectic, amazing, frustrating, wonderful, challenging, educational, and as always divine.  Every journey, every person is divine in their own way (and own mind).  In the end it has simply boiled down to priorities.  It always does.  There are only so many hours in a day and most of us have conflicting demands on those hours.  I have been debating lately if this project has served its purpose.  Is it time to officially discontinue this blog?  Then I read the concept and all prior posts again.  What an amazing impact the process has had on my achieving set goals, on my effort to maintain balance, on my journey to convergence.  I need to continue with JTC with large hopes of helping others achieve the same success while at a minimum just keeping my progress and journey focused on that point of convergence.  The point is infinite and not achievable, but the journey in that direction is the point.


I have reaffirmed the “Why” behind continuing JTC.  Now the question becomes “How”?  How do I find the time to keep up with posting and sharing here when the list is already so long and stressful that my mind is swirling day in and day out.  How do I commit to posting on a regular basis when 5 months have passed since my last post?  I could give it a higher priority but that’s a little tough when I have to worry about priority #1, the other priority #1, and then there is that other priority #1.   The plate is overflowing so how do I make room for this?  What gets pushed off the plate to make room for posting?

In the past a post could easily consume 2+ hours of actual time spread across multiple days.  Write, edit, re-write, edit, double think, edit, re-write, delete, start over….   Then there was the searching for a related picture to insert into the post.  That can be eliminated for the most part.  If a picture inspires a post then it can certainly be included but there is no real reason to expend precious time on the reverse, seeking a picture to align with a post.  But there is still the writing….wait a minute….I write nearly every morning.  I am a bit of an early bird.  I start nearly every day thinking out loud in words in my journal.  As of late its been a lot of “How the heck do I get this all done?” but it is part of the art working towards balance and convergence.  I love the feel of pen to paper.  I love the flow of the ink as I write the words.  I enjoy it far more than typing onto a computer screen.  All my previous posts have been written on paper before typed into the blog.  That transition from paper to computer is where much of the edit, re-write, edit, double think, edit, rewrite, delete, start over comes into play.  What if I just scan and post my morning writing?  Efficiency and re-purposing of an existing activity to increase the value of that activity!  LOVE IT!  I’ll need a new journal where the pages are not bound but that’s an easy fix.


So the Journey continues.  It has proven too valuable to me and my progress to not continue the art for my own benefit along with the hopes of my sharing possibly helping anyone else looking for balance and convergence.  I am going to give the scanning process a shot.  I can’t commit to how long or how often but its worth a try.

Feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it?  How do you balance your priorities and optimize your time?


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