As I was researching for the “Social” point of focus I came across an actual study that determined social activity can lower blood pressure, increase life expectancy, and prevent cognitive decline.  Now I have, in the past, participated in some social activities that could not have possibly been good for my health.  But thats another story. 🙂


The “Social” point of focus is another one quite far away from the convergence point.  I am not a complete hermit so it is actually pointing at the first ring based on hosting family and friend gatherings quite often but they are all driven more by an event such as a birthday or graduation instead of just kicking back and having fun.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I went out or had a get together just for the sake of doing so.  I am lucky to get out with the “boys” two to three times a year and very often plans are made and then cancelled.  Quite often there is something going on with the kids that results in cancelling a planned activity but more often than not its simply the Lizard Brain jumping in and saying:

  • “Its just a hassle, why do you want to leave the house?”
  • “You are too old to be going out on the town.”
  • “You have work to do, its irresponsible of you to go out.”
  • “Look at the to-do list, is going out really the best use of your time?”
  • “You dont have a thing to wear.” – yes, the Lizard Brain says that to men also! 🙂

So its very obvious that I have to add “Social Activity” as an area in my ongoing war with the Lizard Brain because I want lower blood pressure, a longer life expectancy and I have no interest in cognitive decline.

Next up – Spiritual.  Its a controversial one and one that many have very strong opinions on.

Whats your social life like?  How do you plan on making it better?

Remember – lower blood pressure, longer life expectancy, and reduced risk of cognitive decline just by having some fun.

What a bargain! (insert Eddie Murphy impersonating the owner of a Chinese restaurant)

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