You’re Under Construction


Have you ever heard the saying “No one is perfect”?  Is there any truer statement out there?

This , however, should not be an excuse for complacence or procrastination and conversely should not be a reason for depression or self pity.  No one is, or ever will be, perfect.

Everyone can strive to be better!


In the business and manufacturing world there is a commonly used buzz word/phrase – “Best Practice.”  It is used to describe a technique, method, process, or activity deemed most effective at achieving a particular outcome by someone.  That someone is usually either the person that developed the method or a person (with a high position in the company) who has been deceived by that person to believe it is the best method with little to no backup or analysis.

I have always disliked this phrase as it leads you to believe that whatever is being referred to as the best practice is perfect or “the best”.  This is never true, there is always room for improvement and many times there is actually a better practice with less campaigning right in front of your face.

How much, how fast, and just plain HOW it can be improved is up to the person or organization.  IT IS UP TO YOU!


I prefer the term “Next Practice.”  Both for the current method as well as the inovation underway to develop a genuinely new and better approach or method.  I realize it isnt exactly intuitive as the term for the current practice but when used this way it reminds us that there is a next practice out there.  There is room for improvement.  Always!

The trick or the true question is should I/we focus time and energy on improving the specific method, process or activity in question or are there other next practices in much greater need of improvement?  Where is your focus best applied?


Identifying that area in need of focus and chronicling the Journey of bringing all areas in balance is exactly what The Journey to Convergence (JTC) project is about.

I have had great success identifying and applying this focus to the “right” next practice in my career but quite honestly not so much in my total life.  Things like health/fitness, family, social activity, etc. have continuously taken a back seat to work, work, and more work.  Its time to focus and innovate the right next practices in the right areas while maintaining the next practices that currently dont need focus……Yet.

I hope you will join, learn, and share with me on this journey.

We as individuals , organizations, and societies  are and should be eternally UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Learn more about the concept here.

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