The Journey Ahead: 2017 – Wrapping Up 2016

The Journey Past: 2016

Wrap It Up! 2016

Omne Trium Perfectum

Latin for “everything that comes in threes is perfect, or every set of three is complete.” Now that we have completed the mind dump along with the goal review and ranking for 2016 we are going to summarize the past year in 3’s.

If you are just joining us you may want to start HERE first and then follow the steps (posts) in order. It’s never too late to start planning The Journey Ahead regardless of the date.

3 Accomplishments

Pretty self explanatory, list your top 3 Accomplishments from 2016. Don’t tell me you didn’t have any. If you really think about it there are plenty to choose from but you are focusing on the negative. Find them and list them.

3 Challenges

Isn’t it strange how these probably popped right into your head? Why do we have this bias towards the negative in our lives. Actually, challenges are not really negative. They are lessons to grow from. What were 3 you experienced in 2016 and how will you easily overcome them if they come back up in 2017. What did you learn?

3 Gratitudes

Again, don’t tell me you don’t have anything to be grateful for. If you are reading this then you are living, breathing, able to read, with access to the web.  There are a simple 3 to get you started. Now really think hard about all the positives in your life and pick 3. I am positive there are far more than 3. Go back and review your mind dump. There should be a few listed there already.

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful. ~Brother David Steindl-Rast

The Journey Past in 3 Words

Simply 3 words to define and summarize this past year.

How Would You Title The Journey Past?

If you wrote a book about your 2016 what would the title be?

Now Say Goodbye!

We are wrapping up 2016 so we can start planning 2017. Let the words flow out of you. Forgive anyone that you may feel wronged you this past year. Most importantly, forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done wrong. Wrap up 2016 and LET IT GO!

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boese

I write this all inside a new journal. If you are looking for a worksheet to complete this in you can download it for FREE HERE.

STEP 3 DONE! The past is wrapped up. Now it’s on to planning The Journey Ahead in 2017.

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